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Why form a subsidiary in Switzerland?

Lower Taxes

Canton Zug Address, for the lowest Tax Rate in Switzerland

Great Environment

Can also be used for employee incentive programs

Low Cost

Cheap inclusive Packages available - Good return on Investment

Top Expertise

Swiss resident Director - Digital Marketing - IT and business services

Our program is only available for select businesses on a first come, first served basis.

Environmental Charity

At the same location we operate a charity whose main focus is on Biodiversity. This can be of a mutual benefit because you can never be too green (environmentally friendly) these days.

The Location(s)

We are located in the mountains in Zug, Switzerland. In the heart of Europe. Not only is the Zug location the optimal address to have for Tax purposes but it is also a very beautiful location.

Switzerland has a superb International reputation, it is part of EFTA and the European Economic Area with a bilateral agreement with the EU.

This is the incredible view right from our place in Switzerland

It takes only one hour to get to Zurich airport and just a little bit longer to Basel. Thanks to the Gotthard tunnel nearby you can get the other side of the Alps (the Italian part of Switzerland) instantly and enjoy the Mediterranean climate or just stay put and enjoy the south facing Alp micro climate. Italy, Germany, Austria and France are within a short drive away.

The beauty of the location derives from the fact that you have the snow capped Alps and a beautiful lake in front. This might be ideal to use as part of an incentive program for management, other employees or even select customers and contractors. This is made possible as we are in the position of providing semi-serviced accommodation as part of our deal. There are hiking and cross country skiing trails in the vicinity. If you like the idea of being able to offer such incentives we could even extend the deal to enable you to offer incentive stays in Iceland with a Mt Fuji type of view. Another possibility is to offer select employees to work remotely from these locations.

This is the incredible view right from our place in Iceland. (Airstrip in the middle, golf course to the right)

Subsidiary Function

To form a Subsidiary in Switzerland, you must have a resident Director. We provide that person. Not only that we give your company an opportunity to provide a value added functionality to your Swiss operations, such as in the area of Marketing, Digital Marketing, IT and business in general.

Forms of incorporation or branch

You can set up a Swiss branch of your company or form a subsidiary such as a AG (SA) or LLC (GmbH, S.a.r.l)

Cheaper than you think

Swiss is not known for being cheap. However we are committed to make a great offer which will benefit your company.

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